Welcome to our website! 

  • You have trouble finding good operators, toolsetters or process engineers?

  • Worker is leaving or is on vacation and you do not have nobody to do his job?

  • Or you just need a temporary manpower to ensure that the prodution is running smoothly?

 We are your solution!

This is what we can do for you!

  • Our Operators will come and start up  or stop your machines, solve process problems, do maintenance work on moulds before, during and after production, check the machine condition before and during production, and after or during production write down the parameters for you.


  • Our Toolsetters will  come and install new tools too machine, set up a robot and other auxillary devices, clean and lubricate the tool, make shots for quality approvment and then start the machine for production. Also fill in the papers and parameters.


  • Our Engineers will come and monitor the stability of process, solve process problems, reduce cycle times, solve complaints and give feedback to you, train new technicians, do trial runs for new moulds, write down parameters and save the program.

Why should you hire us?

  • All our workers are highly motivated and worked in injection moulding for many years

  • We come directly to work, no need for training in injection moulding

  • Our knowledge comes from experience

  • We have experience with different models and types(Ferromatic,Engel,Demag and other)

  • We have experience with different auxcillary equiptment (Sequense filling, hotrunner controllers and other)